a full service billiards center & pool room

It's Party Time at Classic Cue!
Plan your next party at "The Poolroom!!" All Ages Welcome for:

Team Parties
Or Just a Get Together with 6, 8, 10, or 12 Friends

Choose From:

9' Tables or 7' Bar Tables
Music or No Music
Private or Semi-Private


Flat Rate Parties:

Rental of as many pool tables as needed at a rate of $10.00/Hour
Purchase food and beverages as needed

Party Includes:

10 minute instruction from one of our managers (on request)

 Please Note:
Yes, we can do parties with alcoholic beverages
Any item on the menu may be put into a party plan format

 For further information please call (716) 684-4644.
Thank you, and remember: Stroke, Don't Poke!